Ways to make your car environmentally friendly

Our cars are guilty as sin when it comes to pollution. The carbon skid is huge with vehicles, it is however a necessary evil for us to get around. There are ways to make your car friendlier to the environment and in turn to do your share to save the ozone layer. Click here to read more about the damage our cars do to the environment and why.  The more obvious ways to do this is of course riding a bicycle, using public transport or walking but what if your work is too far away for a simple cycle trip or walk? Your vehicle can do less damage by taking a few simple steps and precautions.

Tune it up

Keep your vehicle properly tuned for optimum performance. A car that runs smoothly without any exhaust emissions does less damage and will also give you a better ride including peace of mind. What is worse than having car trouble in heavy traffic?

Ways to make your car environmentally friendly

Drive better to be more economical

Your driving has a huge effect on your fuel economy. By avoiding starting and stopping regularly and sticking to the speed limits you will make a big difference with your car’s fuel consumption. Once again you do less damage to the environment simply by abiding by traffic rules.

Get rid of the heavy load

Many people cart a lot of unnecessary weight around in their cars. Clear the clutter out of your trunk and car to lighten the load and ensure that your car doesn’t have to work so hard to move.  A heavier load makes your car use more gas than necessary. Only keep emergency items in your vehicle.

Check your tires

By driving your vehicle with tires that aren’t pumped according to the right pressure specifications you are using more gas than usual. Check the tires regularly to avoid this. Click here for tips to take better care of your tires.

Leave early to avoid traffic

By doing your morning men’s grooming rituals a little earlier you can leave home earlier. Just by doing this you will avoid peak hour and also hateful and frustrating traffic jams. As mentioned above stay away from any start and stop scenarios. This is a very effective method to save time and also keep your vehicle at a steady speed.

Maintain your vehicle’s cooling system

A thermostat that is too cold will cause your engine to run while colder than it should be. Maintain the cooling system to avoid incorrect gas usage. Perhaps get hold of some new radiator caps to help keep the temperature up.

Get rid of dirty air-filters

This is most probably one of the most important things you can do to keep your car at optimum performance and also make it a bit more environmentally friendly. Check and replace dirty filters as often as needed because dirty air filters causes your engine to lose power which in turn means your car needs to use more gas to perform.

Change How You Cook, Save the Environment

While the damaging effects of automobile emissions, wasted water, and unnecessary electricity usage are fairly well known, not everyone considers the impact of the choices they make every day, especially for something as simple as cooking a meal.  If you want to find ways to save energy, lower your utility bills, and help the environment all at once, consider making these changes to your cooking routines.

Use the Right Sized Pot for the Burner

When you are cooking on an electric stovetop, make sure the pan size is as close to the burner size as possible.  In cases where the pan is smaller than the burner, some of the heat produced by the burner escapes without providing any benefit to your cooking and even raising the overall temperature in the kitchen.

Use a Slow Cooker

Even though it may seem to be the opposite, using a slow cooker for eight to 10 hours can actually use less energy than running your oven for two hours.  This is mostly due to the fact that a slow cooker is a very low wattage appliance, especially when compared to most ovens.  Some estimates show a slow cooker may use as little as 21 cents worth of energy over 10 hours.  This 10 hour process can cook an entire roast, which may take two hours in a traditional oven with an electricity cost of $2.51 or gas cost of $1.49 to cook the same meal.

Consider examining your slow cooker options online at sites like http://www.slowcookersite.com

Change How You Cook, Save the Environment

If You Must Use the Oven, Don’t Peek

In cases where you feel you must use an oven, resist the urge to open the door to look at what is cooking.  Every time the door is opened, heat that was built up and contained escapes.  This means that your oven will have to work harder to bring the oven back up to the selected cooking temperature.  By leaving the door closed, you oven can more effectively regulate the internal temperature, which often means the heating element can be used less often than when you repeatedly open the door to take a look.

Don’t Preheat Your Oven Too Early

While many oven dish recipes ask for a preheated oven, the oven should not be set to preheat any earlier than necessary.  If you begin the preheating process, and then leave the oven empty for a long period of time while you prepare other components, the energy being used to keep your oven up to the correct temperature is going to waste.

Do All Prep Before Starting Appliances

Just as preheating the oven early wastes energy, so does beginning your cooking processes before the necessary preparations are complete.  For example, if you are cooking a sauce on a stove top, and leave it there simmering while you cut up other foods, the energy spent keeping the sauce at a simmer may be a waste if it is not required to successfully complete the recipe.  In order to make sure you can cook efficiently, complete all of your prep work before powering on any appliance as this can help you ensure you use as little energy as possible to cook your meal.

Skip the Cooking

If you really want to save energy, consider skipping the cooking all together.  For example, instead of cooking carrots to go with your meal, consider eating the carrots raw.  Not only can this save energy, it may also help preserve certain vitamins and nutrients within various fruits and vegetables, making it a healthier option too.

Boating Options for Smaller Vehicles

Many people who dream of spending time on the open water believe that the size of their current vehicle prevents them from being able to enjoy their ideal boating lifestyle.  For those who are willing to consider certain alternatives, you can participate in this waterborne hobby regardless of whether your current car can tow, or even if it has limited storage space.

When you are looking for boating options that will work for you today, consider the following options.

Boating Options for Smaller Vehicles


A canoe is a simple option for those looking to spend some time on the water without having to purchase a larger vehicle.  Made of a variety of materials, and designed for a range of purposes, a canoe can provide all of the functionality you need for an afternoon on the water.  Select a model based on the kind of paddling you plan to participate in, such as flatwater or river touring, as well as the amount of gear you anticipate needing to transport.

Canoes can be secured to a vehicle across the roof of the vehicle.  In order to properly secure the canoe for transport, it must be properly tied down at both the bow and the stern, as well as secured by multiple straps across the width.  This process can be made simpler with the addition of roof racks, but they are not considered a requirement.  If roof racks are not in place, take care to pad the areas where the canoe contacts the vehicle, such as with a soft rack, in order to avoid scratching the paint of other damage.


A kayak is another option which is often less expensive than a canoe if you are only planning on kayaking alone.  Most often, those new to paddle-based sports find a kayak easier to maneuver than canoes, and generally offer a way to store gear within the kayak, helping to keep it drier.  Additionally, kayaks can be a lighter weight option, making them easier to loan onto a roof rack for transport.

Just as with a canoe, a kayak can be secured to the roof of most vehicles as long as it is secured properly.  While solid roof racks do make the process simpler, they may not be required.


For those looking for a highly mobile option, an inflatable boat may be ideal.  In order to determine which version is the best inflatable boat for you, use the same considerations as you would when choosing a hard-sided boat.  Inflatable boats are available in a wide range of sizes, and are often easier to carry into remote areas as they can be folded down to fit into a backpack.  This can allow a hiker to bring the boat in, inflate it on site, and then enjoy their time on a remote lake or pond, as well as river access points that cannot be accessed while in a vehicle.

Unlike canoes and kayaks, an inflatable boat can often fit in the truck of a car, or even in the backseat.  Additionally, they can more easily be carried to harder to reach launch points, and can be deflated prior to the return trip home.

Providing a variety of compact options, these boats can allow you to participate in fishing and touring activities without have to purchase a vehicle in order to do so.  With canoes, kayaks, and inflatable boats, there is no reason to allow the size of your vehicle to dictate whether you can enjoy time on the water.

Fun Sewing Projects to Customize Your Car

If you spend a lot of time in your car, you understand how it can, at times, feel like a second home.  In order to make the space as welcoming as possible, consider completing certain projects that can help bring additional function, style, or comfort to your car. These projects can be based on expressing your personality as well as providing organizational options within the space.

Fun Sewing Projects to Customize Your Car

Lumbar Pillows

An easy place to start is to create a simple lumbar pillow that can be placed against your seat.  Even if you have never sewn before, or would like a project that you can use as a way to teach a child more about sewing, designing a rectangular lumbar pillow is a simple project that most can accomplish successfully.  Most of the best sewing machines for beginners will have all of the functions necessary.

When choosing your design, you can work with an appropriate pillow form, and create a customized pillow case out of the fabric of your choosing, or you can create a pillow using batting or filler materials.  Customize the size based on your personal preferences, and adjust the firmness to suit your needs.

Storage Pockets

Similar in design to over-the-door storage options, adding storage pockets that hang off of the back of the front seats can provide an excellent way to store various necessities or to organize items to help keep children entertained.  Storage pockets can be attached to the seat by tying onto or hooking around the headrest of the front seat.

If you are unsure of where to begin in order to create a proper pattern, consider modifying on that is used to create an apron.  This can create a connection around the headrest, as well as additional ties that can go around a lower portion of the seat.  This design can offer additional stability without any undue discomfort to the front seat occupant as long as the lower straps line up with section where the seat and back sections of the front seat meet.

Steering Wheel and Seat Covers

If you just can’t imagine paying for premade steering wheel and seat covers, and you feel confident in your sewing skills, consider producing custom covers for your car.  Not only will this allow you to make a statement based on your fabric choice, but you can also integrate other features.  For seat covers that will provide coverage on the front and back of the seat, a variety of pockets can be added to secure items.

A small pocket on the side of the seat portion can be used as a place to store small items, such as cell phones, sunglasses, or chewing gum.  Larger pockets can be added to the back to provide even more organizational options.

Custom covers are an excellent way to help protect the interior fabrics while also allowing a form of self-expression.  Not only that, but it provides you the ability to change the covers out when you see appropriate, such as moving from a lighter fabric in the summer to a warm flannel in the winter.  Additionally, if you choose a washable fabric, you can even remove and wash the covers whenever they appear to be dirty.

When selecting fabric, pay attention to durability if you are looking for long-term use of the specific pieces.  In cases where you want to be able to change things up seasonally, durability may not be as vital.

Do your part today and make a change tomorrow

The environment is ours to protect. We have caused so much damage and neglected it for so long. What changes can we make today that will make an impact? There are various steps you can take that will help and that will not inconvenience you in the least. We all have to use our cars to get around however as with the meat-free day movement having a car- free day will contribute to environmental protection. Here are a few reasons why you should try it.

Do your part today and make a change tomorrow

The impact of vehicle usage on the environment

As one of the main causes of greenhouse gasses cars have a negative impact on the environment. Years ago it wasn’t as much of a problem as it is today. There are just too many cars causing too many poisonous gasses to be released in the environment. This causes congestion and pollution which is something that you might feel incapable of stopping. Read more about this.

Where do you and your car fit in?

By taking part in a car-free movement for at least one day a week you will do your part and make an impact. You might feel that it might not make a change with millions of cars still on the road but rest assured, change inspires change. If everyone had to take part in this activity the impact will be much greater, much less poisonous gasses will be released and we would give the environment a little bit of time to heal, even if it is just one day a week.

Why you should go car-free for a day

You will have taken the brave step to helping with the preservation of the environment. This is not the only plus though, you can turn this into a fun activity, when last have you used public transport? There are some great benefits to public transport. You could meet some new and interesting people and also experience the fun again of travelling past various stations and stop points. There is a great calm in sitting on a bus or train and reading a book or listening to music. Make it fun! Click here for creative ideas to enjoy your car-free day.

How to make your home safer from pollution

Let’s face it; the air we breathe isn’t as pure as it was years and years ago. Take a stand and invest in an air-purifier. It is a healthy alternative to keep in your home or office to assure that you can breathe with ease and avoid inhaling polluted air. Take a look at http://healthyairlab.com/best-air-purifier-reviews/ for reviews on the best air-purifier. It is a known fact that pollution contributes to asthma and other lung diseases. You could save your family from this dreaded outcome by keeping your small space safe and with fresh air to breathe. Remember the smallest change makes an impact and will be a gift to you and your family members. It is a great buy.

Top Ways to Travel That Does Not Involve a Car

There are just too many cars on the roads these days.  The amounts of vehicles that are used for transportation is causing a lot of wear on our planet because they are oozing lots of toxins into the air, they are wearing down roads which constantly needs repairing and the production of the vehicles themselves are taking its toll when it comes to resources and toxins.  It is high time for people to start looking for alternative means of traveling so traffic can be lightened, resources can be saved and air pollution can be reduced.

Top Ways to Travel That Does Not Involve a Car


There are surprisingly many people who live within cycling distance of their jobs and there are plenty of occasions where you probably could have taken a bike to buy groceries but still use your car despite all of the pollution that your vehicle is causing.  The worst part is that the same people who could have used a bike for traveling between home and work will log off after work and spend a small fortune on gym memberships to get skinny.  How counterproductive is that?  If you can cycle to work then it is time to save yourself and some time and money by giving up gym and cycling to and from work instead.  The world will certainly love you for it.


If a vehicle is an absolute must then it is time to start seeking others out who are also heading your direction and who have the same basic working hours as you do. By combining forces and sharing your ride with others there could be a lot fewer vehicles on the road, you can save a lot on fuel and traffic will be a lot lighter.


Public transportation like a bus is a much better solution for traveling between cities or other locations because you never have to struggle with parking and your bus ticket is sure to cost you a fraction of the cost of fuel between cities or foreign locations.


DiscountMyFlights are helping to save the world a lot by giving you a way to travel a lot cheaper than your fuel costs could have ever taken you.  By booking your flights in advance you can enjoy terrific discount deals which are sure to help you enjoy travels more often so you can enjoy the world more and get a break from your stressful life more often.  On DiscountMyFlights you can scout for all of the top rated airlines and get terrific deals to locations all over the world.


Traveling by train can also save you a lot of money in the long run and is a terrific way to travel since you can sit back, relax, enjoy your social media pages on your tab while you are being transported to and from your work or other destination.   Traveling by train is much safer than traveling by road and often much quicker since you will never be stuck in traffic or in a horrid accident.

Details Matter when Selling Used Car

When it comes to selling a used car, it’s the details that truly demonstrate your pride in ownership.  While there are many areas that you may not access every day, or even give a second thought to, a person interested in purchasing your vehicle has a right to inspect every little nook and cranny.  In order to show a potential buyer that your car was valued and well treated, don’t overlook these little details when preparing your vehicle for a showing.

Details Matter when Selling Used Car

Organizing the Glove Box

While most people use their glove box as a catchall for a variety of small items, take the time to organize it before the eyes of any buyers have a chance to take a look inside there.  If there are any old insurance documents or registrations that are no longer valid, pull those pages out and shred them.

Keep any maintenance records and relevant receipts, but make sure they are neatly arranged and, ideally, contained within an envelope or folder.  Having maintenance records available can actually work in your favor with potential buyers, as it can actually help you justify a higher resale value, but it will not be as useful if the information is strewn about and out of order.

If you have any basic safety items, like a flashlight or emergency blanket, they can stay put as well.  Just make sure they are not overflowing the space, and that the opening and closing mechanism for the glove box works properly and is unimpeded.

Cleaning Out the Cup Holders

While you might not mind a few dried splash marks from your last cup of Dragon Well tea, a potential buyer likely will.  It is not uncommon for cup holders to become dirty, sticky, unsightly messes.  Before you have someone by to look at your car, take the time to make sure these areas are clean and free of unnecessary trash, change, or debris.

Check other Storage Nooks

Similar to cup holders, the small storage areas in the car doors, on the back of the front seats, and hidden away in consoles are often full of garbage, toys, books, or random knickknacks.  Make sure to remove any unnecessary items from these areas, and thoroughly clean their interiors.  The last thing you want is for a buyer to look in, or run their hand through, one of these pockets only to discover the remnants of last year’s Christmas candy, broken crayons, and used tissues.

Empty the Trunk and Clean

Similar to dealing with the glove box, it is best to empty the trunk as much as possible before you meet with a buyer as it will help the space appear larger than when it is full of junk.  While it is important for the trunk to be generally clean, a few cosmetic problems are likely unavoidable as heavy use has likely left behind some scratches, so don’t over stress every small imperfection.

Additionally, if your spare tire is in the trunk, make sure the area around it is also clean and free of debris.  If the spare tire hasn’t be checked in ages, it is best to pull it out of the car and make sure it is properly inflated.  Check the jack and tire iron for rust, and consider repainting them if necessary.  Once the paint is dry, make sure they are returned to their proper locations.

Top Ways to Get Your Home Transformed On Your Car Free Day

You probably don’t get an off day too often which means you should make the most out of any off occasion whenever you get the opportunity.  One of the best ways to spend an off day is to get your home transformed while you are avoiding your vehicle to save the world from toxins.  Spending time in your home can be great fun especially if you are planning on finally getting those remodeling’s done that you have always dreamt about.  Here are the top ways to transform your day without you stepping foot outside your yard.

Consult with an interior decorator

Interior decorators might seem expensive at first but they are actually well worth the investment because they will see the potential in your home that you cannot and they will get your home transformed for better functionality the first time round so you never have to spend cash on your home again.  When you hire an interior decorator like Juan Pablo Molyneux or hire his firm to do the renovations for you, you will also increase your property value a great deal simply because everyone knows the type of quality work that this fantastic interior decorator does.  You will also get the best possible transformation for your home no matter how big or how small your home is.  Most interior decorators prefer to come out to your home to get a better feel for the project which is terrific because you can get things started around your home without having to drive around.

Top Ways to Get Your Home Transformed On Your Car Free Day

Do a few DIY projects around your home

While it is always better to hire a professional like Molyneux to get all of your home renovations done, it is always fun to tackle a few DIY projects on your car free day so you can feel proud of your own personal handiwork.  If you aren’t that good with the DIY projects then it might be wise to start off with something small like rearranging your furniture and to let professionals handle bigger projects like a major paint job or kitchen renovation on your behalf.  Some of the top small DIY projects that you should be able to master all on your own include; small paint jobs such as your home’s window panels.   You could perhaps try to make your own mirror or hang a few long overdue portraits on the wall or you could spend some time on transforming your garden.

Consult with a garden landscaper

While you are hiring an interior decorator to get your home transformed you should also consult with a landscaper because your home’s garden is the first view that greets all of your friends, family, colleagues and business associates when they visit you.  There are few things that will improve the general allure and the property value of your home the way a good looking garden will and you will want to spend so much more time in your garden which is terrific for improving your general mental and physical health.

Tips on Buying Used Equipment for Your Car Parts Storage Warehouse

A ton has been written recently about the used warehouse equipment industry. Especially when it comes to storing car parts and car tools, it is essential to have a dedicated space to provide safe storage to such equipment. Your first and foremost option when you are in dire need of some warehouse storage space is to opt for Temporary Warehouse Solutions. Not only is this an affordable solution, it would also provide a quick fix to your warehouse storage problem.

Tips on Buying Used Equipment for Your Car Parts Storage Warehouse

On the other hand, if you are looking to buy used equipment for your warehouse then here are some tips that might come in handy:

  1. See the Equipment in Person

This is something you’d think everyone would know, but that is really not the case. You wouldn’t purchase a $40,000 auto without taking a look at it, so why might you purchase $150,000 of used equipment without doing likewise? The main approach to weed out the fakers from the players in managing used equipment is to see the material yourself. Expediting is a typical method for supplying equipment, and it accompanies its positives and its negatives. The positive, the material can be discovered significantly quicker.

  1. Know the Inventory

Know the specifics you require in your equipment, and ensure the organization you are purchasing from will promise that those particular estimations are met. Notwithstanding the right sizes, the right amounts are pretty much as critical. On the off chance that the hardware you need is the end of their present stock, you better make sure it is there and prepared to ship when guaranteed.

  1. Back Up Your Purchase

A typical mix-up we feel is hunting down just the right hardware, and neglecting to purchase the additional segments and parts. In the event that you purchase a tape, shouldn’t something be said about additional tape heads? Odds are you will require them eventually. In the event that you just purchased 500ft of line-shaft transport, how simple is it to discover additional groups for your rollers? Stock up on additional parts when you discover them. Numerous trustworthy merchants will officially stock these “additional” things, that much of the time are viewed as wearable parts. It will save time and exertion later on to keep a little supply of things you might require for unavoidable wear and tear on your hardware.

  1. Renovate

There is a misinterpretation amongst used and refurbished. A most loved expression of numerous merchants is “as used as it looks”, keeping in mind it spares you cash to take “as used as it looks” hardware, it abandons you open to merchant translation of what is usable condition. Used as it looks hardware as a part of numerous cases is extraordinary, however in the event that your desires are to look like new, secure yourself. To spare yourself cash and close the entryway on elucidation that may not coordinate your own thoughts, request your hardware to be refurbished. Odds are it will not cost as much as something new, but will turn out to be pretty close to it.

Top Things an Interior Decorator Can Do For Your Home

The home is where the heart is.  Your home is your little zone of comfort where you can relax, get rid of stress and unwind a bit while you take pride in your life and your life’s work.  Everyone wants to feel proud of their homes because a home is often the reflection of your sole and your personal tastes.  An interior designer is exactly what you need to help you transform your home so you can live more comfortably and proudly.

Top Things an Interior Decorator Can Do For Your Home

Top things an interior designer will do for your home

Not everyone is born with the natural ability to create a luxurious space.  You need good interior decorating skill and good insight to know what will work with your unique home and you need the right amount or experience and knowledge about products in order to assemble the right style for a home.  The top things an interior designer will do for your home include;

Preserve some of the home’s natural beauty – Many interior designers love to keep certain raw elements of your home’s history alive in the new and modern renovations so your home can still reflect a bit of history and perhaps portray some of the hard work that went into the building.

Improve the general look of your home – The main function of an interior designer is to make homes more beautiful by working with the home’s natural layout, lighting and rooms.  When your interior decorator is finished with your home it will look absolutely fantastic and everything will be much more harmonious.

Modernize or make your home more functional – Modern homes are a lot smaller than the older homes.  In fact, very few modern apartments and homes even have a dining room which was seen as standard in homes.  But despite the sacrifice of space, the homes are just as luxurious as they used to be because interior decorators knows exactly how to work with space and looks to increase your home’s general functionality without sacrificing natural beauty.

Increase your property value – The fact that an interior decorator worked on your home is enough to increase your property value a lot because every interior decorator risk their name when they work on your home and will do everything in their power to create the best looking home possible.  Juan Pablo Molyneux, for example is one of the most famous and sought after interior decorators not just because of his quality of work but also because his name increases your property value when investors realize that he had a hand in decorating your home.

Help you save a lot of money – Remodeling a home is expensive and it stays expensive if you have to constantly remodel and upgrade when you are not sure what will work and what wont.  An interior decorator will help you save a lot of money because the remodeling’s and redesigns will be done right from the start and the best look for your home will be created the very first time so you never have to redo your home again.