How to Get in Shape Without Going to a Gym

Many people want to get fit, but despite their desire to get in shape, many find excuses not to do any physical activity at all. It’s either they don’t have time to work out or they don’t have enough money to enroll in a gym membership. Some even give ridiculous reasons, such as they don’t have their own car to travel from home to gym, and from gym to home, making it more expensive. Well, while a gym can be a fantastic place to get in shape, it’s not the only way to stay fit. In fact, you can enjoy several kinds of workouts and benefit from them even more for extremely low cost and even at no cost at all!

If you think that travelling or enrolling to gym, or using fancy gym equipment are the only ways to shed off body pounds, then think again. Here are some workouts that you can do at your own home or just outside that will give your body great benefits.

Go for a walk

Walking is one of the simplest activities to do to get a healthier life. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, and you’re ready to start. Experts recommend walking 10,000 steps daily to get the best health results. But don’t worry, you don’t have to reach that on your first day. An average person only walks about 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day. A reasonable goal is to increase your average daily steps until you reach the 10,000 mark.

Take a hike

Hiking is a fantastic way to burn calories, and the best thing about it is you can even forget that you are technically exercising because it’s a completely fun activity to do, especially with loved ones. So if you’re living in an area that has an access to hiking trails, take this opportunity to burn some fats and at the same time enjoy your free time. All you need is a good pair of hiking shoes, food, water, and some hiking equipment, and you’re good to go!


Turn your chores into a workout

Yes, you can truly get fit by turning your usual housework into a calorie-burning workout. The key is to focus on activities that require your body to move and sweat, such as scrubbing, washing clothes, and vacuuming. The best thing about it is you are able to shed off pounds while protecting your skin from sun exposure.

Get some exercise videos

If money is really your concern for not exercising, then this is one the best solutions that you can do. All you need is to spend some few bucks to buy some workout DVDs, or dig out those dusty old videos from the back of your closet and start shaking your hips!

Play a sport

Engaging in a sport is one of the best ways to stay fit. Well, you don’t necessarily have to enroll in a sports club to do it. You can, in fact, do it at your own backyard. Just ask some of your neighborhood or friends to come by and play a game in your area, such as a tennis or badminton. And who knows, you might all enjoy it and want to do it often. Playing is a fantastic way to get inactive people active.

Go for a run

Just like walking, running is a great and simplest way to burn calories as all it takes is a good pair of running shoes and some space. However, just be careful to not overexpose yourself to sunlight because overexposure can cause serious skin damage. If you’re too worried about your skin health, ask your dermatologist first on how to protect your skin from harsh sunlight. Or visit to determine the ways on how to remove dark spots caused by sun exposure.

Why You Should Buy Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Bagless Upright Vacuum BH50140

Just like its name suggests, hoover air cordless series 3.0 bagless upright vacuum bh50140 has neither a bag nor the air tunnel tube. This device is very unique because unlike other vacuum cleaners that are somewhat heavy, it’s made from plastic materials and so it’s very easy to carry around the house. To get this vacuum, you should be ready to part with $280.However, there are some outlets that are selling it at $250.However you must handle this vacuum cleaner with a lot of care because dropping it might result in broken parts.

hover bagless vacuum

Instead of a vacuum bag, hoover vacuums are fitted with a dirt cup that has the capacity of holding up to 1 liter of dirt. Besides that, the cup can be easily emptied. The device has a dirt filter to ensure that hard objects such as glass and stones do not get sucked up. Such hard materials can damage the cleaner. It’s advisable to clean the filter before using it to prevent dust from clogging in the vacuum. This hoover vacuum is ideal for people who have pets in their homes because it picks pet hair perfectly.

Any Floor Goes

Ask anyone who has used hoover vacuums and you will be told that they are the best in the market. Most home owners are actually switching to these kinds of vacuums due to the fact that they are able to clean all types of floors including bare floors. The good thing about hoover cleaner is that it can be used in the absence of electricity in your home thanks to the in-built rechargeable lithium battery. This feature adds convenience to your cleaning needs.

Reliable Rechargeable Battery

If your neighborhood experiences irregular power outages, you should ensure that the vacuum cleaner is always fully charged. This will make it possible for you to vacuum your home in the absence of power. And you don’t have to worry about the battery running out of power. The gadget comes fitted with power level indicator so you can tell when power is on the low. In case your hoover battery runs out of power, you don’t have to wait for many hours before its fully recharged. If this was the case, you would have to complete vacuuming on another day because you probably have other things to do. All you have to do is go grab a glass of juice while your vacuum cleaner is being recharged and by the time you are done, the cleaner will be ready to vacuum again.


Cleans Hard To Reach Surfaces

Cleaning some surfaces can be a pain in the neck. Such areas include corners and extensions that are common in household furniture. With hoover air cordless series 3.0 bagless upright vacuum, you will be able to clean such areas easily. This is because it has a head that can be rotated in any direction just to reach those extreme corners of your furniture. Moreover, assembling this masterpiece vacuum cleaner is like child’s play and so you don’t need an electrical technician to do it for. You only need to follow the instructions provided in the user guide manual and you will be good to go. It goes without saying that hardwood floors can be easily damaged by the hard bristles on the head of the vacuum. This can be avoided by turning off the hard bristles brush when vacuuming such floors.

Homeowner’s Guide to Beautiful and Environmental Friendly Driveways


Here at Car free day, we are always on the lookout for educating and informing homeowners looking for eco-friendly products in every aspect. When it comes to choosing materials for installing good driveways for the home, there are options aplenty. Naturally, one should research the materials well so as to make an informed choice. Depending on the chosen material, one can then contact professionals to install the driveway. Alternatively, when following the car free day, one could even opt for a DIY installation project, provided one has some expertise in the matter.

Options in Eco friendly Driveway materials

  1. Wood

Wood is a beautiful and inexpensive driveway material. Wood chips are ideal for driveways for properties in dry areas. For homes in wet regions, wooden driveways tend to get soggy and might have to be replaced every now and then. Wood chip driveways help add nutrients into the soil, reduce soil compaction and also deter the growth of weeds. On the downside, this driveway material is not as durable and tough as Asphalt driveways.

2. Asphalt

Compared to concrete driveways asphalt is nearly 30 to 40% cheaper. Where concrete driveways take 3 to 4 days for installation, asphalt driveways can be installed in only 1 day. XL Asphalt also does not crack or flake unlike concrete driveways. Modern warm mix asphalt products are also eco friendly and are known to reduce emissions, energy costs and increase workability. Asphalt can also be recycled in larger quantities.

3. Gravel

Gravel as a driveway material is durable, offers weed control and needs fairly little maintenance. The neutral and natural tones offered by this material also add to the aesthetics. Gravel driveways are also cheaper than most other materials and suit many different types and styles of landscaping. This material allows rainwater to penetrate into the earth, thereby increasing the groundwater supply. On the negative side, gravel is not suitable for areas where it snows heavily as shoveling and plowing becomes a hassle.

4. Stone Pavers  

Stone pavers help add to the curb appeal and require very little maintenance. Note that pavers are of two types: mortared and mortar-less. The mortar based pavers tend to have the same problems as those of concrete pavers; they might crack and need to be replaced from time to time. Mortar-less pavers, on the other hand, are more flexible and if a part of it gets damaged or cracked, one has to simply replace that section and not have to pull out the entire driveway.

5. Shell Pavers 

This is a beautiful driveway material that is extremely eco friendly. It is cost effective and is available in different colors depending on the type- oyster, scallops or clams. These driveways also provide for excellent draining of rainwater like gravel driveways thereby offering excellent eco-friendly properties.

Factors to consider when choosing driveway materials

There are many factors to consider when selecting the driveways:

  • Cost- Asphalt is an economical choice followed by concrete and pavers. Stone and brick driveways cost more simply due to higher labor costs.
  • Maintenance- Asphalt driveways do need a bit of resealing from time to time to maintain their appearance. Concrete driveways, as long as they are mixed correctly, can last for 30 years or more in most climates. Gravel driveways can be a bit harder to maintain.
  • Curb appeal- Pavers provide the best visual appeal and suit most landscaping styles. Gravel driveways offer a rustic charm that may or may not suit all home styles.

As can be seen, there are many varieties to choose from as far as driveway materials are concerned. To learn more about installation and maintenance of eco friendly driveways, click here.


How working out at your home can help you go Green

People will want to stay healthy. There are many ways on how you can do this but many opt to go to the gyms and work out. Others go for regular jogs around the estate just to ensure they stay healthy. But this cannot happen all day throughout the week because at times you have a tight schedule that will require you to miss. However, there are various types of work out machines that can suit different purposes of working out. One of these machines is a treadmills machine.

This is an exercise machine that which allows one to walk or run in a place. Having or fixing an exercise treadmills machine in your home will help you a lot to save the bugs that you would have been using to commute to and from the gym. Though many people have had a hard time when it comes to finding an ideal treadmills machine because they don’t know where to start and where to look for this particular machine.

There are few exercise treadmills machines in the market that you can get. One of them is the Sole F80 Treadmill which is user friendly. Its price is about $1,000 to $1,500. Its internal powerful components make operating this machine to be smooth and easier giving you a memorable experience than comparable models. So having this machine in your workout room in your home will not only help you save your bucks, but it will help you preserve the environment in the following ways.

At many times we have used our cars going to our work stations, going to the shop and even when you are going to the gym. But have you opted to go on foot to that nearest shop? Do you know that walking is also exercising? Though it might be tiring yes, but look at it from this angle. When you are walking, you will be exercising and at the same time, you will be preserving the environment because the gas and smoke that your car emits do pollute the environment.

An Elliptical Trainer is one who will keep you active at your home before you become active outdoors. With a good exercise treadmills machine at your home and together with an Elliptical trainer, you are going to decrease your ponds and you are going to have that healthy body that you are looking forward to. This could be the starting point that will help you go green and stay healthy. There are those who do use their car when they are going to the gym but why can’t you leave your car and use your bicycle or even jog to the gym?

Look, here, we are looking at two things. One is you being healthy by working out and two, is you going green by preserving the environment. The bottom line is that, you can indeed manage the two by rationing or not using your car all the times but opt for other means like walking which will help you stay healthy and at the same time you will be going green. I believe this article has helped you on how you can stay healthy by working out and at the same time how you can help conserve nature. Feel free to leave a comment.


Take the ‘Baby on Board’ sign off your window, it’s a car free day for you, and baby too!

ENVIRONMENTWhat to do on a car free day?  First thing first, think of all the things you won’t miss.  Taking a half hour to get your baby strapped into their car seat properly.  Then there’s stopping to pump gas, which makes your hands smell and costs too much anyway.  Don’t forget driving through “bumper to bumper” traffic to make it to your baby’s first playdate on time.  (You won’t)  Taking a half hour to get your baby, who is now fussy, unstrapped and out of their car seat to realize you’re already late for the playdate.  How about getting back into traffic to make it back home just so you can spend the aforementioned half hour getting the “was peacefully sleeping, now is awake” baby out of the car seat and into the house.  No, you won’t miss those things today.  The baby on board sign is officially off the car and you and baby are going to enjoy participating in not using the car for a day.

Keeping Earth a little less fume free is going to free up time to spend with your little one who looks absolutely like an angel in their cute baby clothes.  You love how stylish and easy onesies are to dress your baby in.  Some are even funny and get commented on from time to time.  So what to do with baby on car free day?  You’ve already committed yourself not to drive today, but, still, you could do something with your car that you haven’t had time to do since your child was born.  Clean out the backseat.  Who knows what treasures are to be found that your little one has buried over time.

Chances are you had good intentions in mind when you thought about cleaning out the backseat.   You grab the baby carrier and bring your little sprout along in one hand.  It’s out to the car with plastic grocery store bag in your other hand.  You’re being eco-friendly about by getting another use out of it by using it to take the trash out of the car.  Looking into the back of the car and noticing that it seems to be looking right back at you, you decide that it truly is a car free day after all and you’re not going to attempt to clean it out and return back to the house.

Your car free day went from being a day to not use your car and clean it up some, to instead hanging out with your child and watching kid’s videos all day.  Taking the car free day to spend with your favorite sidekick, well, besides helping keep the world a little more eco-friendly, you’re getting to spoil yourself and your angel with movies, snacks and rest.  As a matter of fact, you’re going to use your next car free day to host a playdate at your house and have the parents’ form a carpool so some of them can take a car free day too.


Sony Vegas Pro Can Change Your Driving Experience-Even on a Car Free Day!

sonyBelieve it or not, these days technology has taken a wild turn towards the future. Now, it is possible to call from your watch, set auto-drive for your car while on a GPS- controlled long drive, and get your mirror to talk to you! These are probably things that were talked about in movies but never really thought of as a possible reality. There’s more than just this and the list can go on and on. For now, I’m going to talk about one such feature.

The Sony Vegas suites are able to transform your driving experience into something extraordinary and make it YouTube material. Vegas has the ability to edit videos with a click of a button and make them compatible with vehicles that have TV screens in them. The graphical support you get from this amazing software is incomparable. You are able to edit almost any video to a format preferred by you, and what’s more is that you can view your creation anywhere, anytime.

To make your video editing experience even better, you can now get Sony Vegas templates online for free. That way, you are using a software that looks good and that listens to your every command, as long as you give it correctly. The audio-editing features are also well embedded into the creation of this one-of-a-kind software that is available on the market at a very competitive drive.

Give your iPad something to play with as well. Now, with Vegas Pro Connect, you can connect your iPad to the Vegas Pro Suite that you have bought for your machine! You can then edit your videos on the go if you are running late to meet a deadline. You can carry your work with you in your car and sit back and complete it there. You don’t have to wait until you get back home. Technology has managed to make everything more convenient. Who would have thought that you can use your iPad as a substitute for your laptop and complete the same tasks while still on the go?

Having said that, it is important to be a little conservative. By conservative, I mean do not go around boasting about your creations before you get them online yourself, or avoid showing others what kind of software and technology you use for making these videos. Even though Vegas Pro is within range of all other video-editing softwares that are in its competition, the price is still quite high. Showing off your technology to others will get you no good. Also, if you do show off your creations before they go on the net, they could be stolen by others and put up before you. Be careful and wary of these events.

All in all, technologies have made life a lot simpler and easier. It is possible to complete all kinds of assignments on the way to someplace simply because of certain softwares. Sony Vegas is one of them. If you are a creator, I would recommend this software to you. Have fun editing!

So you took a Saturday as a day to be car free, what are you going to do with yourself all day?

CARWell your car free day is today and it’s Saturday.  Usually it’s a day that you practically run your car into the ground by running all the errands that you didn’t do during the week into one day.  So you can find an alternate ways to do your errands.  You figure you’ll use the bus to get around town and a little old fashioned walking.  You may be car free but that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate inside all day.

You’re excited to start your day with a homemade protein smoothie for energy to get you through it. You read through some nutribullet reviews last week and were so impressed you went out and bought a nutribullet along with a plethora of good things to make smoothies and shakes with.  You’ve been having a blast and you’re going to try an energy smoothie today before you get started on your errands. If you would like to know more about smoothies, click here to read more.  A little spinach, some yogurt and strawberries and flax seeds as well as some almonds blended into a delicious concoction that has you ready to go.

You’ve mapped out the bus routes that are available near you.  To get to the main one you need to do a little walking as its 5 blocks down.  You put on some comfortable workout gear which consists of a t-shirt, some shorts and a pair of running shoes which are more comfortable for walking than they get credit for and you’re about ready to head out the door.

On your way out you grab a bottled water, a small bag of nuts to snack on to keep you going as the day goes by and put them in your eco-friendly carry all bag and make your way to the bus stop.  First on the bus adventure will be getting off at the library.  You need a book for the rest of the day when the errands are done so you’ll take the bus there first.  Luckily you have your carry all bag to easily store you book in while you run errands.

After the library you’re back on the bus and on your way to the post office.  You need stamps.  As easy as email is and making payments online you’d think you wouldn’t need them around, but you found out different last week when you had to return a form by mail and the provided envelope wasn’t postpaid.

After all that it’s a quick stop at the local grocery store for a few snacks to enjoy while you read this evening.  You put them in your carry all and take the bus home.  Not many errands, but no gas or fumes were emitted from your car today to do them.  No plastic bags were used either.

You walked a total of 10 blocks, carried all the items you picked up in your eco-friendly bag, and got your errands done.  You check the mailbox on your way in and realize you should go car free more often.  The day was enjoyable and gave you a feeling of empowerment that you can still do things you once thought you needed a car to do.

Keep Your Home Environment Safe

GUN SAFEThose of us who like to go car free do so because we care about our environment. The world is a chaotic place and the smallest imbalances can set it off. If you care about the outside environment then you should care about your home environment too. If you’re one of the many people who own a firearm then you should look into owning a safe. Here are some straightforward gun safe reviews.

-       Titan

The Titan is a top of the range gun safe that works within the home to keep your environment secure. It has two unique patents which increase its worth. As someone who likes to get out and about without a car, you’ll be glad to hear this safe comes with a handle. You can use this safe to transport your valuables when you’re on the go. Not being with a car can sometimes be that little bit more dangerous, but with this safe you can rest secure in the knowledge that you and your possessions are safe. It’s also small, which means you can fit it into any nook or cranny in the house. It uses a button-lock system which allows you easy access if you need it, but it’s very tough to break into. The Titan can be bought for under $400, which is a decent price for a safe as good as this one.

-       Winchester

The Winchester is larger than the Titan and comes with thicker walls to hold up against intruders. It can store twice as much as the Titan and is nearly impenetrable. It incorporates a biometric lock system, which means it opens using your own fingerprints so no one, not your kids or an intruder, can open it without your knowing. One downside is that it’s weak against fire and water. If your house floods or catches fire then the safe could be destroyed, along with its contents, but the chances of this are low. The Winchester is roughly the same price as the Titan and is a great safe for the price.

-       Falcon

This safe is narrow and long. It has enough room for two guns, or one with ammo and it unlocks electronically which means you can open it silently. Price wise it’s slightly cheaper than the other coming in at $299 but it doesn’t compromise on efficiency. If you need somewhere to keep your weapons in the home then any of these three will work.


Turn a Car Free Day into a “Just for Me” day.  You just might go car free more often!

CAR DREEThe best way to start a car free day is to schedule it on a day you don’t have to work or have anything preplanned to do.  You want to do this all and take a “Just for me” day.  You can have a car free day carpool to work, or take a bus to work and do your daily grind anytime.  However, when is the last time you took a day just for yourself?  You are always on the go, now it’s time to be there with yourself.

So before you go to bed the night before your car free day, set your alarm clock to give you another couple hours of snooze time.  Catch up on some sleep.  Then all you have to do is climb into your bed and wrap yourself up in your covers and get a good night’s rest.  When your alarm goes off in the morning on your car free day you’ll wake up feeling refreshed.  So what to do now?

Well, it should have been mentioned to set your alarm to go off so you’d wake to your most favorite and crazy AM morning show to go off for you to wake too.  Maybe just lay there while you get your bearings to face a new day and listen to news and get in the know, or some wacky morning jockeys and have a laugh or two.

Rise and shine and head out and get a morning walk in.  You can run if you prefer, but do something that gets you out of the house for a short bit where you can take in some fresh air and enjoy your neighborhood.  Maybe walk down and pick up a paper to read later.  Just take a few moments to enjoy the outdoors even if you already get the paper, stroll out to the curb to pick it up.

After your walk there’s a plethora of things you can do.  You can sit in front of your local morning TV show and find out what’s going on in your area.  You could get busy in the house and reorganize a room and set it up in a whole new way.  Go to town and take a room to whole new level, go for a theme or a total new look.  At least clean it up a little and enjoy some organization.

One thing you can do is get online and make a website of your favorite hobbies.  There are many low cost and free website builders that are set up to give you control of what you want and ways to put it together through web tools on their site.  You can even invent specialized things for your own site for instance by using a css button generator to tailor the perfect buttons for your site.  There is so much out there so why not spend some of your car free day making a website that shares your favorite hobby or hobbies with the information superhighway.

As you can see there is much to do on a car free day that is geared toward you.  Go ahead and try it out.  Have a good time a live a little while you live car free!


Go Car Free: Go Formula Free

CAR FREEIf you’re the kind of person who cares about the environment and wants to see us looking after our planet, then chances are you think breast feeding is the way to go. Going without your car is similar to going for breast milk. Both are better for us as a people and a planet. Cars pollute our airs, and wasted formula pollutes our water. So if you care for this planet, take the leap and go natural: go with breast milk. And if you want to use your own milk, then you should think about using the best pumps.

-       Will It Make A Difference?

Sometimes it’s easy to think we can’t change things, but little steps always make a difference. Formula milk is another unnecessary step in our day to day life. Breast milk has been perfectly natural for thousands of years and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t continue to be for thousands of years to come. Formula milk is also expensive and at the end of the day you’ll not only be making a difference to the earth but to your own wallet. Just like you save money on gasoline when you go green, you can save greenbacks by going back to basics. Your own milk is the natural stuff, the healthy stuff, and your child will benefit from it far more than any factory formula.

-       Why Should I Pump?

Pumping makes life so much easier when it comes to breastfeeding. Of course, your baby spends most of his or her day hungry, and sometimes it’s just too much effort giving in every time they want a feeding. On top of that, some people get uncomfortable with the idea of feeding in public, and others have busy lifestyles that take them away from their child at times. A pump is a great way to safeguard you against the unexpected. Simply fill up a few bottles and you can whip them out when you need them.

-       For Comfort and Ease

Suckling all the time can damage your breasts, especially around the nipple areas. And if your baby is teething the effects are doubly so. A pump is specially designed for comfort and ease and takes your well being into consideration. If you want to make a difference but don’t want to suffer for it, there’s no better way than a decent pump. Give your child what they need today.