What does your car do to the environment?

This article covers another topic that we choose to keep under wraps and try to avoid in our daily conversation. In fact it is a very real concern and something we need to spend time on and try our best to do our part for. The environment has suffered for a very long time but it is never too late. It is unfortunate but it has been proven that automobiles cause immediate and long-tem effects on the environment. It is known that your vehicle’s exhaust emits a large amount of gases and matter that caused not only global warming but also other disastrous effects like acid rain and something that you might not be aware of is that these harmful gasses damage your health too. There are other factors that also effect the environment like fuel spills and noise. It is tragic that vehicles are the biggest cause of air pollution.

What does your car do to the environment?

The gasses that are being emitted include carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases which is the very fueling power of global warming. The way it works is that the greenhouse gases traps heat in the atmosphere which automatically causes a rise in temperature worldwide. Greenhouse gasses are necessary to avoid the earth being frozen but unfortunately too much of it isn’t good at all. Global warming affects everything including agriculture, wildlife, ocean tides and just about everything else. It is also tragic that our air, soil and water are directly affected. Ultra-violet levels are incredibly high and this is exactly what causes over-exposure to radiation. Crops are damaged and our forests and vegetation suffer directly. Click here to read more about global warming.

As previously mentioned there are things that we can do to make this impact less invasive. It won’t be a great inconvenience and all it really will take is for us to use our cars less often. It is simple, take public transport, join a lift club or travel less. You can also influence others to join you in your movement to save the environment by for example looking up Surgeons in Los Angeles and selecting an outpatient surgery procedure rather than staying in a hospital for a minor procedure. Your friends and family won’t feel obligated to drive up and down to visit you and you will be able to easily recuperate in the comfort of your own home.

Remember that this form of pollution is bad for your health too as the matter contains particles of soot and metal that cause skin and eye irritations which are very uncomfortable. These particles will find its way to the lungs as well which can cause negative effects on the lungs. Chest pains, coughing and difficulty to breath are some of the main symptoms of pollution having an impact on your health. It is in our hands to make a change by applying a few minor changes to our daily lifestyle. Click here to read more about pollution and your health.

Start a Woodwork Company from Home and Never Drive to Work Again

Traffic is always a nightmare.  Driving to and from work alone is consuming a lot of your valuable time that could have been spent on your family.  And every time you do drive to and from work you are exhausting the world’s natural resources and polluting the air.  These are just three of the reasons why you should consider starting your very own company from home.  There are tons of different ideas out there for terrific home based companies that are bound to work.  One of the best companies you can start from home is a woodwork company.

Start a Woodwork Company from Home and Never Drive to Work Again

Why start a woodwork company?

The biggest reason to start such a company is the fact that very few people are doing it.  There are plenty of work from home photographers, graphic designers, jewelry makers and much more in the world but there aren’t too many wood workers anymore.  This means less competition and a greater chance at success for you when you decide on this fantastic company idea.

Woodwork tools that will put your company above the rest

There are plenty of tools you will need for your woodworks such as a hammer, circular saw, drill and much more.  But if you want to create products that no one else can create then you should definitely consider investing in one of these;

Wood router – A wood router is a small device that is used for cutting and shaping wood. You can use this device for decorative effects, odd edges, finishes, wording and much more.  Click on http://toolsaroundthehouse.com/reviews/best-wood-router-guide/ to find out more about this fantastic tool.

Router table – A router table does what a wood router does but only much faster, easier and safer.  If you are planning on doing a lot of detailed finishing on your wood works then it might be wise to invest in one of these instead of the wood router.  Click here for more info.

Things you can make for selling

The possibilities for your woodwork shop are endless.  You only have to figure out what is popular right now and start caving away.  Some of the top things to consider making right now are;

ToysWooden toys are much more durable than store bought toys.  You can create a great variety of wooden toys such as toy cars, play boxes, building blocks, toy trains, play kitchens and much more.

Doors – Engraved wooden doors are still extremely popular and will earn you great sales.

Wall décor – Wall decorations are extremely popular these days.  You can create wonderful wall signage, phrases and art with wood.

Signage – Quotes, name plates and signage is also the inn thing right now and not just in businesses.  Even home owners love to decorate their walls with fun signage.

Furniture – Furniture like beds, closets, shelves, chairs, tables and much more can be made from your home.  If you are really up for a challenge then you can even start making some built in furniture like kitchens or built in storage beds.

Ways to Save Money on Car Repairs

Heading over to the mechanic to get your car fixed? Here are some ways to make your experience better, and at the same time, help you save some cash.

Get Estimates and Shop Around

Regardless of the possibility that you’ve found a trustworthy mechanic or technician, that doesn’t mean you can’t look around or get a second quote on the off chance that you believe you’re being fleeced, or if the price that your mechanic is quoting you is way too high. We’ve talked about the most ideal approach to do this sometime recently, however the main things to know are straightforward:  Note down the estimates, and ensure they’re substantial for whatever length of time that you plan to do your searching. At that point take your auto to another mechanic—in a perfect world another reliable one—for a brief checking of the car. Without telling him the price that your first mechanic quoted you, ask him for a price quote. Compare the two, and choose the best price. Once you leave the car with your mechanic, you can pass time by sitting there idly or you can order something delicious to munch on. The latter is a better choice, and it can become the best if you place your order through pacificpizzabrew.com. They use locally sourced products, fresh ingredients and provide the best possible ambiance. The sauces and doughs are made fresh on a daily basis, which ensures the best taste available. Waiting doesn’t sound so bad anymore, does it!?

Ways to Save Money on Car Repairs

Do the Work on Your Own

Talking about taking the DIY approach, there are a few repairs that you truly can do yourself, paying little mind to your abilities. Whether it’s the rudiments like having the capacity to check your own liquids, replace your own fuel and air channels, and change your own oil, or (somewhat) more propelled repairs and support like replacing your own brakes, rotors, and notwithstanding changing your own particular liquids, figuring out how to do your own work will spare you hundreds—maybe thousands—of dollars, and once you begin you’ll ask why you ever let any other individual do the work for you.

Clearly, the initial step to doing your own particular work is to trust you can do it. Then, ensure you have a place to take the necessary steps that is nice and flat where you can lift or jack the car up, or a place you can get the auto noticeable all around securely to deal with it. Ensure you have a decent jack and a jack stand (and/or wheel slopes), and the right apparatuses for the occupation you need to do.

Give yourself some time, get a couple apparatuses, and soon you can move out of the world where you pay another person to do everything and wait for days while your work gets done for you. With time, you’ll wind up in a brilliant new future where you can change your own particular oil in minutes as opposed to sitting and waiting for a great length of time, or replace your own brakes as opposed to burning through hundreds for somebody to hold your auto throughout the day for work that takes around 60 minutes.

Get Educated So You Don’t Get Fleeced

At long last, know when to question your bill. Check it over before you hand over your Visa and ensure you’re not being charged for copy work charges, copy parts, or if the total turned out way over the estimate that you were given. It doesn’t hurt to request your old parts back either, normally before they begin work to ensure they’re all good.

The Best Ways to Get Skinny Faster When You Start Cycling To Work

Ditching your car isn’t just about saving the environment and the world’s resources.  Cycling to work has a lot of terrific health benefits to you.  When you cycle to work instead of driving you improve your heart because the cardio exercises are great for strengthening the heart, burning fat and preventing diabetes and you skip out on a lot of anger because you don’t end up stuck in traffic.  You also get skinny a lot faster, save a lot of money on fuel and to top it off, you fight depression and anxiety because you enjoy sunshine, fresh air and there is something new to look at each and every day.  Here are some great ways to lose weight faster when you finally do decide to ditch your car.

The Best Ways to Get Skinny Faster When You Start Cycling To Work

Get the most out of each cycling trip

It is always good to start of small with short trips so you don’t overdo it and don’t end up with terribly painful or strained muscles.  As you get more and more used to cycling you should extend your cycling trips by perhaps adding a few detours to your journey or you can change the settings on your bike for tougher paddling.  The tougher you paddle and the longer you cycle, the more weight you lose.  You should also switch between routes regularly to help stimulate your mind.

Prepare cycle friendly meals with a blender

Cycling can take a lot longer than driving.  You may not have time for breakfast or lunch anymore.  A blender can help you stay healthy while you are losing weight because you can prepare delicious meals in cups which you can enjoy while you cycle to work.  The Blendtec blender is one of the best blenders to invest in because you can use these terrific durable blenders to make a number of different meal cup recipes.  The blenders are also perfect for creating weight loss smoothies, green smoothies and for detoxing.  With a blender at your side you can save a lot of time and lose a lot of weight a lot faster.

Remember to drink plenty of water

If you are cycling to work you sweat a lot and the chances of dehydration is a lot higher.  Drinking plenty of water is a must to prevent dehydration and is also great for weight loss because when you drink a lot of water you feel fuller for longer, you wash out a lot of unhealthy toxins in your body and your energy levels are boosted.  Your skin also becomes a lot better looking when you drink plenty of water.

Travel light when cycling

The only downside to cycling is maintaining a good corporate look.  You will need to carry a backpack which contains a spare set of corporate clothing and minimal grooming supplies so you can dress for work or perhaps even take a shower at work after each trip.  That way you will look and feel refreshed even if you give it all on the bike during the morning trips.

Which car to choose for the environment

It is a known fact that every time a person decides to make environmentally conscious decisions there is usually a lot of changes that needs to be made. For example making the right choices when it comes to the car you drive or recycling and other important subjects.  When deciding which car to buy it is important to realize that your biggest decision will be which type of engine to buy. The most traditional and oldest version will be the gasoline engine and this one does not work with an electric battery. Today there are hybrid vehicles to choose from. These cars use the surplus energy as electricity to charge the car battery. The plug in hybrid cars are chargeable and a great choice when looking at being friendly to the environment. The best option by far is the pure plug-in vehicles that have recently been introduced on the market.  Click here to take a look at a pure plug-in vehicle.

Fun break ideas for students

If you really want to make an impact on pollution and the environment the best car would be the pure-plug in vehicles that uses no gas and runs purely on an electric battery. It is important to remember that this vehicle might cost you more at initial purchase stage but at the end of the day you will save a lot of money on gas. It has been mentioned that manufacturers and the selective governments have not done much to make cars better for the environment. There are various factors to look at when making a vehicle that is environmentally friendly which obviously include zero C02 and then also the energy that is required to extract raw materials. There are other ways to make a change as a person who owns a car for example having a day without driving at least once a week. This will most definitely make an impact even if it is just a small one.  Take a look at ways to make your car free day a fun one here.

There are many factors in our lives that include careful thought and planning which includes what car would be more suitable for your needs. If for example you are in the market for home insurance there are many factors that needs to be considered. Your home insurance policy needs to be a comprehensive cover that includes most claim situations. There is nothing worse than being under insured after a storm took its toll and your home is damaged and you cannot live there with your family. With insurance it is crucial to be comprehensively covered. Take a look at Homeowners insurance Florida for a couple of great quotes that might be rather competitive in comparison with what you currently have. The same research and shopping around will be required when buying your new environmentally friendly car. Realize that it is sometimes required to make an investment in order to see a return later on and that your effort will inspire others.

Don’t Drive to the Office. Take Your Work Outdoors Instead

Advances in wireless telecom equipment have changed the way we work.  Now, instead of being chained to the office, you can manage your work from almost anywhere you can find a signal.  So join the masses who have already unchained themselves from their desks, and consider these great outdoor working options instead.

Don’t Drive to the Office. Take Your Work Outdoors Instead

Local Public Parks

Most cities and towns have various public parks spread throughout the area.  Since these parks are generally within city limits, they often have access to strong cell signals.  If you carry a wireless hotspot, or have the tethering option on your phone, you can easily get online from a laptop.

Take advantage of a nice day by finding a picnic table to set up shop.  If you have a small lap desk, a park bench may be suitable.  You can even bring your own folding lounge chair and pick a spot under a nice shade tree, or enjoy time in the sun.

Outdoor Cafes

While the neighborhood coffee shop has been a staple for the transitory worker for years, it is hard to beat the charm of a nice café.  If your city has a spot with outdoor seating, consider a working coffee break and pull up a chair.  Cafes can be a nice mix of being in the hustle and bustle of a city while still getting some time outside.  Just make sure you don’t take up a space without ordering something while you’re there.  If you only stay for an hour or so, a drink and small snack should suffice.  If you are going to be longer, consider having a full meal.  It’s only polite.

Your Own Backyard

Most home Wi-Fi networks extend into the yard.  If you have a nice front or backyard, take your work outside while still maintaining the comfort of being home.  This can be ideal for people who work from home anyway, as it allows you to manage your tasks while appreciating a nice day, and managing other home-based responsibilities.  For those with children, it can be a great excuse to have the kids run around outside while you take care of business.

Consider the Beach

Not everyone has a beach nearby, but if you do, consider taking a remote workday near the surf.  It is important to take care when bringing electronics on the beach, as sand may not be your friend.  If you take reasonable precautions, such as not placing your laptop on a sandy table or towel, you can get your work handled while enjoy the sounds of the crashing ocean waves.

National Parks

In some cases, even larger national parks have reasonable wireless service.  Before heading out to give it a try, take a look at their website.  If Wi-Fi is available, it will likely be advertised.  Cell service may also be available.  You can review your carrier’s coverage maps to see if you would be covered.

Don’t Stay Stuck Indoors

If you have the chance to take your work outdoors, then take advantage of the opportunity from time to time.  While it may not be a regular occurrence, it can be a break from your normal routine.  And that might be enough to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face your next day at the office.

Ways You Can Teach Your Kids More About the Environment

Do you remember the reason why you are concerned for the environment? This is because you want to make the Earth a safe place to live in for the future generations. The future generation pertains to your children. They may not understand now the things that you are doing in order to help save the environment but perhaps talking to them will let them have a realization at an early age. If you would inspire them enough, you know that they will also do what you are doing now when they reach your age.

It can be an overwhelming task to talk to children especially about a topic that they are not concerned about just yet. If you would use Refog, you can get to know more about their interests and their likes but do not be disappointed if you do not see anything that is related to the environment through their searches. It is never too late to teach them and this is what you should start doing now.

Ways You Can Teach Your Kids More About the Environment

  1. Teach them how to recycle.

When it comes to teaching, you need to make sure that the activities that you have planned are fun and exciting. You can help them separate the different items that can be recycled like paper, cans and bottles. Have separate containers for each and you can allow them to shoot each item in the right container. Another great activity is to try to make recycled paper. It will amaze your children that they make old paper be like new again. Just remember to guide them throughout the whole process.

  1. Use water wisely.

If there is one thing that kids love doing, it is playing with water. You have to let them understand that water is not an unlimited source. You can also teach them the difference between fresh water and salt water by bringing them to different bodies of water. The more that they become exposed to these things, the more that they will understand your advocacy.

  1. Make sure that you will not expose your children to news that they are not ready for.

You may think that letting kids listen to unfiltered news will help open their eyes to the dangers of the environment but this is not true at all. They may become scared when they see typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters being shown in the news. If in case you would like to expose them to some news, be there to explain if they have some questions that need to be clarified immediately.

  1. Search for online websites that will help them learn more.

It is important that you will let them check out websites that are kid friendly and will teach them more details about the environment at the same time. Websites that have mini games for kids will always be more appealing to them. They will have fun playing the games and they will learn more about the environment at the same time.

Do you think that your kids are ready to learn more about the environment? Do the above mentioned tips and you will not be disappointed with how educated your kids will be later on.

How to Connect Your Vehicle to Internet

Times have changed now. If before, you can only get connected at home through a dial up connection, you can now be connected to the Internet through the best wireless home phone system that you can install easily. It is already normal for people to have internet at home but it is not that common yet to have internet inside your own vehicle.

How to Connect Your Vehicle to Internet

There are different things that you can do now that will allow you to access the World Wide Web while you are traveling. Some of the things that you can do are the following:

  1. Use your smartphone in order to connect.

Your smartphone can be a mobile hotspot. As long as you have data connection and Wi-Fi tethering then you knows that people inside your car can be connected. This is very simple and you do not have to pay for a lot of money in order to stay connected while traveling. There will be some places though that will not have sufficient connection so you may lose touch with the Internet world from time to time depending on where you are traveling. Also, the moment that your smartphone runs out of battery, your Wi-Fi connection will become lost as well.

  1. Use a 4G Dongle or Other Wireless Router

There will be times when you will forget your smartphone at home and this make you unable to connect to the Internet. The 4G dongle will allow you to still be connected even without your phone. You just need to connect it with your car’s socket so that it will be able to withstand long travels. The main trouble with this is installing it in your car. If you would try to do it on your own, you may end up wrecking some of your car’s features. It is best to have a professional to do it for you.

  1. Built in Wi-Fi

There are some cars that come with their very own built in Wi-Fi and this may be the best option in terms of how strong the Wi-Fi connection is going to be. Since this is installed as an equipment or feature of your car, you know that they can be compatible with different types of devices before they were released in the market. The only con about this is the amount of money that would have to be shelled out every month to continue the built in Wi-Fi. People should make use of it as often as possible so that the money spent on it will not be wasted.

Another option that you can consider is to have your very own pocket Wi-Fi that you can bring with you whenever you travel. This is great because you can control its consumption but the moment that it runs out of battery, your Wi-Fi while traveling will be gone too.

It is evident that the different ways to have Wi-Fi inside the car can vary but it is possible. It would be up to you to decide which option is the best one for you. Pay attention to your budget and how often you are going to use the Wi-Fi connection in order to make the right decision.

Use Your Commute to Learn New Skills by Using Carpools and Public Transportation

The environmental benefits of carpooling and using public transit are widely known.  Not only can it cut down on emissions, but it can also help travelers save money through lower commute costs.  But many people don’t realize that you can also use the time you spent commuting to learn new skills.  Instead of using your time to sit behind the wheel while stuck in transit, choose alternative transportation and learn something new instead.

How Much Time Do You Have?

While everyone may have a different commute, the average commuter in the United States spends almost 25 minutes commuting to work, with another 25 minute commute home.  That gives the average commuter 50 minutes a day that could be spent learning a new skill, or improving an existing one.  In fact, that means that many commuters spend even more time on the road, crossing well over the 100 hours a year that is considered average.

If you aren’t sure exactly how long your commute is, consider timing it over the course of one or two weeks.  This can help you determine the average, and allows you to choose a topic that is appropriate for the amount of time available.

Use Your Commute to Learn New Skills by Using Carpools and Public Transportation

What Could I Study?

With smartphones and tablets being particularly common place, you may have a world of information at your fingertips.  This can allow you to pick a topic of interest, and practically guarantee that some information can be found.  For example, you may want to take the time to learn a second language, use the Babypips School of Pipsology to learn about Forex trading, or simply want to improve your math skills, there are resources available.

E-readers or reading apps can allow you to download books about your topic of choice.  In fact, you can often find college textbooks on any topic that is taught by an accredited college or university, giving you the ability to have a purely academic approach.  You can also choose books that are more casual while still being informative.  It can also be an excellent excuse to pursue a reading project, like reading the books on the infamous banned books list, or working your way through books that are considered classics today.

What If I Don’t Want to be Limited to Reading?

Certain hobbies are easy to transport during your commute.  For example, knitting often requires very little space to be done on a small scale.  This means you make items like hats, scarves, and socks while on the road.  If you travel by rail, you may be able to spend the time drawing.  Doing crossword puzzles, while not necessarily educational by design, can help improve your knowledge base and keep your mind working.  Sudoku can also be excellent for retaining mental sharpness and improve critical thinking.

Make the Most of Your Commute

If you have the time available to learn, thanks to your carpool or using public transit, then why would you let that time go to waste?  Instead, take the opportunity to explore your areas of interest while you are not faced with any other demands.  Even if you prefer a more relaxing approach, working on a portable hobby can also give you the opportunity to learn new techniques while creating something beautiful.

The Reality of Environmental Crimes

You are probably quite unaware of the gravity of these crimes. This is a worldwide epidemic that begs deeper investigation and more public awareness. The unnerving truth behind these crimes is that they are not only toxic and detrimental to the world as we know it, but they are quite lucrative for those who engage in them.

A Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer might be your saving grace if you are accused of an environmental crime. However, these types of behaviors are reprehensible. Do not allow yourself to be tempted by the lure of greed. Consider the sustainability of the planet around you and the legacy you will leave your lineage if you contribute to its demise.

The Reality of Environmental Crimes

Top 5 Environmentally Dangerous Crimes

The crimes that we are going to consider here are among the most frequent when it comes to disrespecting and destroying the environment. These crimes hinge on trade, pollution, waste, and exploitation. And, they all have their roots in excessive greed and arrogance. Think on these 5 crimes:

  1. Electronic Waste– The mismanagement of the 50 tons of electronic waste, yearly, is a serious threat to our environment. Those perpetrating these crimes are illegally sending about 75% of the waste to India, Africa, or China. Ghana has been hugely affected by this process. Read more about Ghana’s excessively large waste dump and the effects it has had on life there.
  2. Extensive Logging– Deforestation gets a huge part of its existence from those who choose to log indiscriminately. Indonesian forests have been nearly eradicated thanks to an increase in desire for palm oil. And, the destruction of the Amazon has increased by 29% because people are greedy for furniture and other wood based articles. You can learn all about responsible logging right here.
  3. Animal Trafficking– This comes in third place to drugs and arms trafficking as a tremendous illegal business, according to Interpol. Wild animals are being exploited, trapped, and sold, wreaking havoc on biodiversity worldwide. The consumerism behind this crime keeps it so lucrative for those doing the trafficking. It is supply and demand. If we could eliminate the demand there would be no need for the criminals to provide the supply. And by the way, the more endangered an animal is, the more people are willing to pay for it.
  4. Dumping– Rivers and aquifers are being contaminated by fecal and toxic waste. Although there are regulations governing dumping procedures, not every entity abides by the law. Animals and plants are drastically affected by these practices and thereby create problems in the food chain. Learn more about the regulations in place to control ocean based dumping practices.
  5. Finning– The practice has been banned since 2003, but it still happens. The concept revolves around the Asian market and its infamous shark fin soup. Sharks, numbering roughly 70 million yearly, are captured and then essentially tortured. Their fins are removed while they are alive and then they are dumped back into the ocean to die a slow and painful death. Is that exotic soup worth that much to you? When 2.2 lbs. is worth nearly $670, those committing the crimes think it is.

Environmental crimes are very dangerous and long lasting. If you are accused of these crimes and procure a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, it is our hope that you do so because you are truly innocent of these heinous behaviors.