Classroom Studies in a Dental Hygienist School- How to Find Information Without Driving Around


There are many who, when looking for information, will drive around from point to point, investigating as they go. Don’t be one of those people. In this day and age it’s ridiculous to think you would drive around like that when the Internet provides so much of our needs. There was a time, yes, when if you need to know something it was better to talk face to face, and in order to do that you would have needed transport, but these days with phones, email and websites, you’re only ever a click away from what you need to know.

-       Stay At Home

Let’s take an example. If you wanted to find out how to take a classroom study in a dental hygienist school, all you have to do is go onto the website. There, you can find out all there is to know from the comfort of your own home. No need to waste fuel and burn energy getting to and from the individual schools or going to meetings, just click, read, and learn.

-       All You Need to Know and More

It’s amazing what you can learn online without ever meeting someone or talking to them. For example, sticking with dentistry school, you can look up infographics that outline all the little details you’ll need to know like how likely you are to get in, how long it will take to complete the course, what stuff you’ll be expected to know and what you’ll be expected to do. If infographics aren’t your thing, they also have detailed articles that list in a helpful and friendly manner all the things you’ll be doing. These articles are well laid out, easy to read and, most important, don’t lack in clarity or knowledge. Why would you go out and talk to someone when everything you need is right there, waiting for you?

-       From the General, to the Specific

Maybe you already know the general stuff, maybe you’ve got a leaflet or you’ve talked to a relative and you understand the limitations and expectations. Maybe what you’re looking for is a specific school. You may think you need to get in the car and drive out to them, maybe talk to a professor or a receptionist. But no, you don’t. These sites accommodate for that, too. You can find a specific college, look for a specific course, and delve into all that detail. How much is it? They have the answer. How long is it? They have the answer. What’s the workload like? They have the answer. Any question you can think of can be answered online, in an instant.

-       Unlimited

Of course, dentistry is but one example. Whatever you’re into, you can find courses online. So step out of the car and step online. Go and find what it is you need. And if you do happen to be looking for dentistry school, well, you’re pretty well covered, aren’t you?


Stop Using the Car and Start Getting Active

PROTEIN SHAKESIf you’re the kind of woman who likes to get out and get active instead of sitting behind a wheel all day every day, then there’s a decent chance you could use protein powders. In our modern world where everyone relies on cars for everything from simple shop runs to Sunday drives, it can be a tough transition. You want to give yourself the best chance of getting rid of that car forever, and a great way to do that is with Protein Powders.

If you want to walk or run everywhere, then you’ll need to keep your energy levels up. You’ll have to be fit and you won’t want to end up needing a rise back after you pass out down by the shops. Protein powders are perfect for men and women alike, but a lot of women don’t realise that they actually need it more. Men have a tendency to gorge on the red meat and nuts, while women typically stick to their salads and yogurts. If you want to stop relying on your car you’re going to need the best of both worlds.

Good, quality protein shakes for women can help keep your muscles lean, meaning you can run and walk all the further. They keep your hunger levels down, so if you’re trying to shed some extra pounds they are a great way to get slim and fit. They also keep your blood sugar levels stable, which in today’s world is extremely important as we have a tendency to snack on things laced with sugar and sugar supplements. With Protein Powder, you can tell exactly what is inside it. You can figure out the one that works for you and use as much or as little as you need.

After a hard trek out without the car you can sometimes feel low, or feel like your muscles are aching. A protein shake can help to repair and damage you may have inadvertently caused. If you end up caught in the rain or the wind you can come down with a nasty case of the sniffles. Thankfully, protein shakes keep your immune system functioning, helping you to fight off those colds and flus.

On top of all these benefits, the shakes are filled with good enzymes and microbes, and help to stabilise your metabolism. There’s really no reason not to pack a few of these into you, especially if you’re trying to get out more, or trying to slim down. So get rid of that bulky, polluting car, and get active. Make sure you give yourself the best chance of success by investing in your own body, and what better way than with Protein Powders?

It all starts with one car free day.

GOING GREENYou’ve wandered here to Chances are you’re looking to do something different. There are so many ideas around here that you can do differently to put your life on a unique path so you can view things from a different perspective. Take a day where you leave your car in the garage and do your errands for the day walking to them if they are in the area, or hopping on a local bus route to get to where you’re going. Just one day of putting your car up is one day less toxic fumes and other things that come out from cars that you’re not putting out there on our planet. Better yet, try and do it for more than one day. For instance maybe you could start up a plan to do a carpool with people you work with. That way only 1 car is being used instead of 5 cars being used. Think about how that will help the environment. Now you have the idea of what living eco-friendly is all about.

Take going green and being eco-friendly even further. Start recycling products that can be broken down and used again. If they can’t be broken down like some grocery store bags, which by chance are starting to get recycled at the store you got them from, reuse the bags. You can use them to carry books from the library, or when you take Mister Muffin for his doggie walk and keep his messes clean without having to touch a thing. Those grocery plastic bags are great for that. See if there is recycling going on locally. Contact your garbage disposal company and see what they do as far as recycling goes and if there’s anything you can do in your area. Such as getting votes to show that your community wants to help by starting a recycling program even if it’s just putting recycling containers by the local trash receptacles.

Are you getting the picture as to how you can help Mother Nature and get your planet green again? You can do it definitely. Start off small and work your way up. Search community boards in stores and other places such as libraries as to what kinds of activities they have in your area that you can get involved in that are eco-friendly or ways to go green. While you’re there looking over flyers and information, feel free to post your own ideas on how you can help go eco-friendly and get things growing green.

To think, it all started with taking one day of not using your car and going car free to get your mind on a track that leads you down the road to a healthier planet. Environmentally friendly ways you can help out with. Don’t just do a car free day and stop with that being your only contribution. Do it more often, find ways to help go green, get the momentum started and keep it going green and strong and you’ll be proud to be a part of helping your planet.

You’re your own best environment. Make it count.

GOING GREENTaking steps to make this planet green and environmentally friendly is something that you try to do every chance you get. You’re basically a model citizen when it comes to recycling and finding ways to live green and healthy. There’s one environment that you really need to think about even more and that’s you.   You’re your own best environment. You should do things to support yourself and keep green and clean in and of your own self.

Take a day to live healthy and do it for you, for you are your own best environment. Take a day and drink nothing but water. Filtered of course as you know you wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, we know you already do and you take care to dispose the plastic water bottles in the proper designated recycle bins. Take a day and leave your car sit at home. Don’t burn any fuel. Take a bus or if you’re in the proper distance, walk or ride a bike to work and back to your home one day. If you’re a little out of the way for that maybe you can start a carpool faction at your work where you can all take turns driving and that way you have only one car expending fuel for a day or a week than 4 or 5 cars driving and burning through fuel.

Before you go to work, don’t stop and pick up a quick coffee and an even quicker breakfast which you usually can’t dispose of the container or packaging it comes in properly anyway. Fix yourself a healthy smoothie or shake at home before you leave and if you have a convenient travel mug take it with you. Better yet, try a nutrient supplement shake that boosts your health levels positively such as you read about at Muscle Expand. You can get a boost from nutrients that help revive you in the morning with more energy and healthy benefits from vitamins and nutrient supplements this way and no waste. Plus it’s a step in the right direction to cleaning up yourself from the inside and reaping the benefits inside and out as well.

When people see you looking healthy and living healthy they might even ask you what you’re into that’s brought this positive change to you. So you tell them, living green inside and out. Pass it on. This type of positivity is contagious. People see you looking good and living happy. They see you sprouting love for all that is green and eco-friendly. They want to have hat aura about them too. Next time you might even run into them at the grocery store or store of one sort or another and they are carrying their own bag, no longer using the stores grocery bags all of the time. Sometimes though those plastic grocery bags come in handy for everything from doggie pooper scoopers to be reused as a garbage bag and so much more.

Keep living green and show off the best environment around. You.

A day without a car is good for the environment. A day without a pill not really needed is good for you.


It’s a great idea to take a day and not use a car. It’s a great idea for the environment, cutting down on harmful emissions and promote a clean fresh air to breathe in. It also saves on gas consumption and gives you a day out of the stress of the daily grind of traffic jams. That’s good for the outdoor environment.

What about the indoor environment. There are things you can do from filtering and bottling your own water, to reusing plastic grocery bags as trash bags in the house or they make great doggie pooper scoopers by picking it up and wrapping in the bag without ever having to touch a thing.

Then there’s you, the most important environment of all. What can you do to make yourself a healthier environment in and of yourself? Well I can tell you one thing right off the bat and that’s stopping to run and get every new weight loss pill or sexual enhancement pill you see advertised on TV. You don’t need pills for that, you just need the right path to follow, whether it’s to cut down on portions, or slow down with the sweets, or the fried foods. As for how to last longer in bed without pills, that can be done too. View the publisher site and see for yourself. You don’t need to pollute your body with the chemicals in pills. It’s time to say no to pills, except those that you need and are under a doctor’s care for, and say yes to natural healthy living.

Look around your community and find ways to help the environment. I’m sure there are recycling areas, bins, or companies that accept your recyclables to recycle for you. When you say the word recycle first, you think of plastic, and glass and other things first, but one thing you should also think of is clothes. You can even earn money when you take your finer clothes to a consignment shop and have them sell them for you. You can also take clothes and give as donations to agencies that specialize in things like that.

Hold a garage sale or yard sale. You know how they say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Take things you don’t use anymore, or want to get rid of and sell them to someone else who can use them and make room for them in their lives.

Its things like the above that can make your life greener and more environmentally clean. Help contribute to your community at the same time too. You can’t go wrong when you step out to try these things. You’ll even notice that you not only have a positive effect on the community, you have a positive feeling and effect on yourself. So take a day and make it car free, don’t take seconds at dinner, reuse plastic grocery bags, and stop taking pills for every little thing you see on TV and start to live a greener life.


The change starts from within: Transportation vs. the Environment


Humans have been living on this Earth for millennia, and during this relatively short time, when compared to the existence of the universe, we have managed to bring destruction and deterioration to this planet in ways that it has not experienced before. Starting from the period of industrialisation, humans have been emitting gas, using the planet’s scarce resources, without really contemplating whether there is an alternative way, where we could not only use the gifts of nature, but be able to produce them as well. While in the previous centuries this issue was not of much concern, in the past decades we have realised the impact that our production, manufacturing, petrol and gas, mining and other industries have on the environment overall and have started taking measures to minimise this effect. One of the most important things that will help us, as people, deal with the negative environmental effects, is the change that every person must make within themselves.

First of all, really make the conscious decision and choose whether you need to use the car at all times – there are things that you can do without having the need to drive for 5 minutes. If you feel that you absolutely must use the car, make sure that you calculate whether you can accommodate to do multiple tasks at the same time. For example, if you need to drive to work, you can work out a schedule with a colleague, or someone who works close to your office, so you can share a ride, and that way, you can even vary, who drives during which week. This will not only minimise your emissions, but can be a great way of socialising.

Another great idea is to change your car from the conventional one, that uses petrol, to an electronic car. With the ever-evolving car industry and technological innovations, it is now possible to get a car that will not cause damage to the environment. There are now electric car chargers that are being installed all around the world in economically developed countries, and companies like Toyota, Ford and other major names in the automobile industry offer environmentally-friendly options. There are even high-end cars with an eclectic design and powerful engines to choose from, for example Tesla.

A great way of saving the environment is by choosing to walk or ride a bike to your destination. Instead of driving a car somewhere, think that you can integrate fitness, with your whole family, while going groceries shopping, or going to see your parents. This is not only a very considerate way that preserves the environment, it is also a great way of working out. The only thing to consider are the appropriate shoes and apparel. With this exercise shoe guide, you will be certain to purchase the right gear for you.

Another means of transportation that is environmentally-friendly are the means of public transportation. By using a bus, subway or a tram, you, personally, decrease the car exhausts into the atmosphere that pollute the air, specifically it leads to the global warming effect. While taking a bus may not seem like a big change, it will make a difference, because if you go to work using public transport, it means that you will not drive your car for more than 230 days of the year, not mentioning that it will save you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on gas.

Our choice of transportation has a direct effect on the environment – from the moment that we turn on the car, it directly pollutes the environment and if we do something about it on a personal level, it will have a greater impact than what we can even imagine.

5 easy ways in which you can decrease your personal damage to the environment


ENVIRONMENTALEver since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, the world has been building factories, oil refineries, manufacturing plants and then cars, destroying trees to get paper, polluting the ocean because we no longer know what to do with the garbage that has been accumulated on Earth, we now have limited resources to sustain the development of rich countries, and environmental problems that we have to deal with. Scientific and technical progress has led to more comfortable lives, where we have everything we need and want, yet it has had an irreversible negative effect on the Earth. From regional, these issues have now become global and everything we do now affects the world we live in one way or another.

Whether we choose raw materials or processed one, the way we use these and the energy needed to create and manufacture our products, packaging machinery to transportation and then recycling of these, all have an effect on the environment. Not only does the current situation affect us, but more so the future generations. Though one person cannot change the process that has been going on for decades, the change must start individually. By following the next 5 easy tips, you can decrease the damage that you do to the environment.

 Environmentally-friendly products


There is an abundance of choice of environmentally-friendly products – these were made with very little or even no damage to the environment, unlike the traditional products and by buying and supporting the brands that make them, you promote the operation of companies that have changed their business methods to adapt to the current situation in the world. From recycled toilet paper, to A/Cs that are CFC free and shampoos that are SLS and Parabene free, there are now products for any life situation that were made with care to the world we live in.

 Don’t waste water

Although we all know that water is scarce, we still use it without caring much about trying to economise and not waste it. While high prices on our monthly water bills have stopped some from wasting a lot of water, it is not enough. Try methods like using recycled water for watering your garden, or washing the dishes only when the dishwasher is completely full, or even taking a shower once a day, instead of twice of enjoying a bubble bath every evening.

Leave the car at home

By leaving the car and taking public transportation, walking, or riding a bike, you decrease Carbon Dioxide emissions into the air, and thus help prevent further damage to the environment. Though many times we don’t need to take the car to go around the corner to a mini-mart, it is a matter of habit. Riding a bike to work is not only environmentally-friendly, but also very healthy.

Don’t waste paper

Hundreds of millions of offices in USA alone print out documents all day, every day, without thinking whether they really need them in a hard copy. While the world is integrating everything into the online cyberspace, there is no need to keep on printing out everything, that can be kept online in storage systems. Instead of printing countless reports, drafts, documents and printing 1 page documents, think about the environment and print out only what is necessary.

Recycle at home

Fixing rather than buying something, be it an appliance, such as Mectec Packaging Machinery or a Panasonic TV you bought a year ago, is going to help save the environment. In the long run, if we all try to recycle and re-use the things we have at home, instead of immediately running to the store for a new one, it will have a positive effect on the environment.


Fixing food at home can be easy with the right equipment and keep you environmentally active.


ENVIRONMENT PHOTOFixing food at home is a way to stay environmentally active.  Sounds silly?  Maybe, but break it down and you’ll start to see.  For instance realizing you’re using less gas to travel to grab a meal on the go. Speaking of meals on the go, they are most of the time served in wrappers and other containers that are not recyclable like the little container your french fries come in or the paper your burger is wrapped in.  When’s the last time your Chinese food you’ve had delivered had recyclable plastic bowls or even if so, that you’ve recycled them?  You want to do something small that’s environmentally friendly.  Eat at home.  Prepare your meals at home.  Not a chef?  No problem, it takes just a few ingredients and something as simple as a blender.  Press a button and presto, instant smoothie.  No waste, and healthy for you.

Blenders aren’t just about smoothies anymore either.  On some types and models, a few of the buttons can give you soups and even ice creams as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Toss in the ingredients, press a button, and enjoy.  You’ve created something great, and fresh, most of all healthy.  I’m sure there are things you can make in a blender that are walking a fine line between healthy and non-healthy but I’m sure that line is few and far between.  Besides, you’re the one that’s in control of what you eat and this little machine can help you.

Another nice thing about blenders is that they free up space. They take the place of 5 different appliances and put them all into a compact pitcher.  You can chop, dice, blend, puree, and make icy creations and more.  Even a model called the Ninja Blender 1100 kneads bread and churns butter.  All at a good price too which makes it even more so popular than just the normal blender.  There’s so much you can do and create, all from your own kitchen.  With the help of this little machine you can create soups, even iced margaritas to serve before, during, or after you feast on the concoctions you have made with the blender.GREEN LIVING PHOTO

Save on the gas, save on the paper, save on the wasted food and go fresh from your own kitchen and be environmentally friendly. Quickly put together a smoothie in the morning to drink on your morning commute to work.  Come home and heat in the microwave a bowl of soup you created the night before quickly during your free time.  Sit down in your favorite chair and sip on a freshly blended strawberry daiquiri.  You’re at home so drink away, you don’t have to drive.  Finish off with a concoction of your favorite ice cream dessert drink such as a Brandy Alexander, or a Mudslide.  Experience all of this from one simple machine.  There’s so much more info you can get on blenders and what all they can add to your kitchen and your lifestyle.

Go on, and give it a try.  See how simple it is to put a little change in your life. Make your life more interesting and have fun with foods and easy too.  Entertaining your friends has never been easier and you can keep them guessing as to how you prepared your dishes and drinks.  With a few ingredients you can put on a show that takes your crowd from drinks to appetizers to a nice dinner soup to after dinner drinks and desserts and with just one machine.  One can’t help but get over the fact that you can make your own bread and butter too.  One thing I forgot to mention with all the meals this little blender wonder machine can do, you save money by not going out or ordering in all the time.  Give it a try, and be environmentally sure in more ways than one and have fun doing it.

The Strange Relationship Between Cars And Liposuction


You may not know it but liposuction claims more deaths that cars every year!  This should not worry you if you always take your time before getting into anything. Most of the deaths as you will find out, happen as a result of side effects or people going for inexperienced and unskilled surgeons.  With means that a little bit of care and prudence while searching for a liposuction expert will save you from being part of the statistics.

Cars and Liposuction

Far from the statistics, there is yet another relationship between cars and liposuction. Only that this time, it sounds gross.  Scientists claim that the fat derived from humans after liposuction can be used as bio fuel. The findings are of course shocking but not as shocking as the fact that a California based liposuction expert has already put into practice. He claims to have powered his truck using gallons of fat he was left with after conducting liposuction procedures on his patients.  He justified his acts by saying it was in fact his patients who requested that their fat be used to as bio fuel. It’s easy to understand how the process words. Scientists say that human fat is rich in triglycerides which is the same as those found in waste animal fats that are already being used for exactly the same purpose. It should however be noted that the practice is illegal as use of any human medical waste for commercial purposes is against the law.laser lipo

Back to the death statistics, studies reveal that out every 100,000 liposuction procedures end up in death.  It also reveals that there are only 16 deaths out of every 100,000 car accident deaths. The report goes on to state that the main  cause of death in liposuction patients is what experts in the field refer to as pulmonary thromboembolism. In simple words, a blood clot in the lungs. So what kind of measures can one take to avoid being part of the statistics?


Not everyone can go for liposuction. People with a history for diabetes ,heart diseases and weak immune systems are not considered as ideal candidates for liposuction.  With that in mind, one has to undergo specific tests to first find out if he or she is a good ‘candidate’ for liposuction.

Safe alternatives

There is much more into liposuction than meets the eye.   For starters, there are four types of liposuction.  They include:

  • Tumescent liposuction
  • Ultrasonic liposuction
  • Power assisted liposuction
  • Smart liposuction

Your doctor should be able to tell you which type is ideal for you. Note that the safest alternatives  include procedures that feature less invasive means of conducting liposuction such as laser lipo treatment. Note too that each type comes with a different price tags. In other words, each type comes along with different costs as listed featured on

After the procedure

Liposuction is like any other surgical procedure. This means that once one is out of the theater he or she must take time to recuperate from the procedure. Adequate rest is a must as is the case with keeping off from bad habits like smoking and excess alcohol consumption.


Environmental Impact Proper Frac Sand Can Make

sand frac

Environment is a very sensitive factor of the universe and has a significant impact if there is an imbalance in the way it is currently working. Main concern is related to human health, impact on plants and animals. Have you ever thought why the projects fail to define plant and mine processes and also the locations in the environmental review fail on defining appropriate budget and cost? The causes and reasons may be many; however the impact is serious and not negligible. It has become the need of the hour to analyze the impact of proper frac sand can make.

sand frac


Sand is composed of minerals like quartz, silicon, etc which reacts with air causing harmful gases like silicon dioxide which makes difficult to breath and cause various lung infections. Those who work in mines will have significant health hazards because of these harmful minerals. However, some mines will have lesser concentration of these minerals leading to lesser occupational hazards. Air dispersion modeling is used for each sand source thus permitting air to be monitored regularly for harmful minerals and dust particles. This air permitting process needs proper declaration of remodel of every site. Until air emission permit is issued, you will not be able to proceed with your construction. Find more at


As ground water is getting decreased every year, this factor gets high priority and great attention. There is a major concern of using water for sand processing and mine dewatering which revolve around the changing water levels of the groundwater. If you are planning on designing a facility, then groundwater resources should be properly evaluated for every mine site. Not only availability of water is important, but also depth of water is a major concern these days. Moreover, this can be analyzed with the help of the Geology investigation team which includes the minimum installation of the monitoring wells as well as the monitoring of the water levels. Surveys, pumping tests, groundwater modeling, etc are some of the mechanisms which help to dewater the sites.

Surface Water

Though fine sand may not be as toxic as other pollutants, this however degrades the water clarity which will definitely cause a huge impact on the fragile eco systems mainly on the wet lands. If the ponds are not constructed properly, the pose a higher potential of failure and if this occurs, the magnitude may be much higher than smaller ponds. Spills on land will facilitate hinder native vegetation and allow more weeds to grow. Though there are other potential contaminants in the environment, frac sand can still make a huge impact. In most environments, sand spilling can create a little long term impact.


Mining is directly related to removal of wetland. This can be prevented by creating wetlands alternatively elsewhere in order to preserve them. Dewatering or water consumption due to mining can be reduced by decreasing pumping of groundwater. With the help of proper frac sand, it is possible to reduce the negative impact caused in the environment.

For more information, click here.